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Videos – Value Addition to Your Business

Videos are the latest debutant in the competing field of marketing and so far the journey has been successful. According to reports, with videos there can be nearly 53% enhancement in the chances of getting your page listed on page one of Google. A picture speaks for thousand words, and that is absolutely true. It is estimated that 1 minute of video can be an equivalent of 1.8M words. Videos can be termed as the best communication and promotional medium. videos can be


Reading can consume your probable customer’s time as well as patience whereas videos can be interesting, influential and time saving


Without a single word from you, a video can very well put across your company’s agenda, works processes, goals and achievements

conversion rates

The rate of conversion for the landing pages that contain videos is 800% more than the pages that do not have one.

Explainer Video Production Service

01. Explainer Videos

We are popularly known as an best explainer video company. These videos are intended to create better communication with the client and increase the conversion rates. They are specifically crafted to create awareness and explanation about any product or service.

02. Landing Page Videos

Landing page acts as a gateway for all your audience. A landing page video is a brief description about your company, its products, services and how it can add value to any other business. These videos serve as a short description of all kinds of domain and services you deal with and are very informative.

03. Marketing/Promotional Videos

These are short and precise videos that promote your business. Promotional video production is done to attract customers for your existing or upcoming services/products. In a very short time of few minutes, it is capable of conveying your capabilities with your services. Special focus is paid to keep it to the point, crispy and interesting at the same time. Our marketing video production is best known to create videos with immediate impact and garner maximum customer attention.

“As per reports, 93% of businesses that use video firmly believe that it has increased user understanding of their products or services helping them increase brand awareness.”

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    Video Editing Service

    Most of the times, we are approached by clients who want us to enhance and actualize a video clip or footage into a full-fledged impactful video. We are totally equipped for the same with our expert editors who understand that editing requires a talent at par with complete video production. We offer:

    • 3D Animation
    • Voice Over Narration
    • Sound mixing
    • Audio and Video mastering
    • Color check and correlation
    • Subtitles and titles addition and many more.

    Video Marketing Service

    Marketing is your foremost agenda and we have gulped the fact. Via our marketing services, our pure intend is to enhance your reputation in industry and serve as a channel to create awareness and customer base for you. Our services offer:

    • Traffic GenerationWith unique video content, we assure a regular flow of traffic to your website.
    • Active ConversionsVideos focus on featuring you as a solution of the customer issues and agendas. This enhances the conversion rate and expands your customer base.
    • Customer SatisfactionThe thought analysis to be implemented can be explained to your client with videos. A better understanding before implementation will aid you to provide best solution to customers.

    Our Explainer Video Production Process

    01. Planning

    It is inclusive of decisions about time, relevance, delivery date, costing and many other important aspects. We take insight of all the individuals involved throughout the production process till delivery.


    02. Identifying Target Audience

    Our research team gets in action and interacts with most possible personas and their views on the video to be created. A thorough market research is organized. Our specialists then sit down with the analytics team and narrow down the target audience zone.


    03. Creating Strategy

    Based on the available data, we create a production brief as a planning strategy of animated video creation. We decide upon how to create video, how should it reach the target audience and what feelings it should generate.


    04. Pre-Production

    Finalizing Creative Idea

    All the creativities are poured in. Brainstorming is done about impact on audience of the most probable ideas and if it conveys the absolute message. One creative idea is finalized.

    Script Writing and Storyboard Preparation

    The idea is converted into script. Every step is brought down to paper. A story board for each move and every minute step is created.


    05. Production

    We execute and produce an animated or live-action video according to the production plan.


    06. Post-Production


    The shot video is reviewed. Any undesired moment is edited. We also involve our client's opinion here so that we both stay on the same page.

    Adding Music and Special Effects

    After the video is finalized, ornamentation of the video takes place. All the additions like music, graphics and voice over are done to strike the right chords in the audience's mind.

    Some Of Our Work Examples
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      Why to Hire Best Explainer Video
      Production Agency?

      Creative Solution Provider

      We understand that the market is brimming with alike solutions and videos. What can keep us aloof is our creativity. We have searched and grabbed the creative best of every field to become the best animated video production company.

      World Class Processes

      Our video production processes are best and renounced. All the standard steps are followed and quality is our guarantee. The output at last is of an international level. We are transparent in every step and our clients leverage this opportunity to find out the level of development at every step.

      Latest Technologies

      We stay at par with the market and technology cannot be a factor that lets us surrender to the competition. Video creation involves a maximum of technological aspect. We are equipped with all latest equipments and their experts to provide the best.

      On Time Delivery With Quality

      IceCube Digital has been winning accolades as a video production agency, for our commitment to work and time. Efficient planning lets us deliver a quality product on the promised time. This quality of ours has fetched us more than expected clients and we will continue in the same way in future.