Problems Customers Face While Shopping Online

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Problems Customers Face While Shopping Online

It’s easy. It’s quick and it’s literally a click away. That’s online shopping for you. But is it that simple? Not exactly. There are many issues with online shopping faced by the consumers. And these challenges are not limited to fake products or hidden costs

Customers like to shop at websites that offer them convenience, are easy to browse through, aesthetically appealing and provide relevant information. When the website is not optimized right, it leads to the case of abandoned carts, order cancellations or returns. This is being supported by a study that while 43% of the purchases are influenced by online information, online sales are only 9% of in-store sales

Let’s check out some of the online shopping problems that customers face

1. Product Quality

This is the most common problem faced by customers who shop online regularly. The quality of the product is often not up to the mark with what is presented in the pictures. With the competition growing in the e-commerce industry, as many websites become a marketplace for sellers to sell their products, and the issue of fraudulent sellers is increasing. The checks on registration are poor and selling poor-quality in the name of brands is becoming increasingly common. Even worse, quality-checks have become so rare with the magnitude of online sales which is soaring high.

Possible Solution: Make your products undergo a usability test where they are evaluated for their usefulness and effectiveness.

2. Logistics are a mess

Logistics are a mess
This is another common issue faced in online shopping. Barring a few websites, delivery and logistics is a major issue. Websites are becoming so casual about the delivery quality of products. So many times, either the package is lost or damaged while in transit. Customers are facing a troubled time with the tracking systems which do not accurately locate the product. Often customers choose same-day-delivery by paying a few extra bucks only to get their product delivered.

Many of these companies do not follow the stipulated time limit, leaving consumers confused as the products come in too late. The issue is the same with returns. You place an order for the returns to be picked up and there is no response. They will send the delivery guy when they seem fit, almost never according to the promised time. Sometimes customers receive the product after the need is over.

Possible Solution: Since logistics has become very complex, it is mandatory for ecommerce business owners to keep tabs on it. An ecommerce platform with inventory management solutions can give an idea to the owner about the stock status and thus, product deliveries can be managed much more accurately

3. Delivery Time Is Not Clear

So many times, the delivery time is not clearly stated in the order process. More often than not, consumers do not know when the product will be delivered. Consumers buy a product and the eCommerce businesses do not even state the time of delivery. Many a times, these orders take more time than expected to be delivered.

It’s important for buyers to have realistic expectations and know when they can expect their orders. It is important for people to know when their product is arriving so that they can plan their day accordingly. Customers often complain that the delivery boys do not even call them before arriving to deliver the product. The best thing is to check with the website about the estimated time of arrival of a certain product before you place the order.

Possible Solution: Send Message to the customer when the order is shipped and then when it is expected to be delivered so that the customer is prepared to receive it.

4. Payment Preferences Are Limited

This is another common problem. A lot of times, consumers do not know how to make the payment if the debit cards they use are not available as an option. More so, customers are often stuck with the payment options when Cash On Delivery is not available. With online frauds picking up steam, most customers prefer paying cash on delivery as they are skeptical about sharing their card details. This is a common complaint by many customers these days. They do not have many payment methods that they can trust

Possible Solution: An e-security seal like TRUSTe on the website can help earn the trust of the consumer opting for e-payments on the website. Further, use of e-payments offers convenience to the buyers and hence leads to increase in sales.

5. Payment confirmation missing

Another challenge is to find a payment gateway that is smooth. Sometimes when the customers are directed to the payment page, their money is deducted and suddenly, the page shuts off without any notice to the consumer. And that’s when the customer is in a fix. Then chasing the company for a refund is a different challenge altogether. With bulk sales happening at the same time, sometimes it’s a woocommerce specialist to ensure that the payment page is working fine.

Also sometimes the website asks too many secret questions or too much info before the customer can make the payment. This too can increase the perceived inconvenience during the purchase and leads to an abandoned cart.

Possible Solution: A quick fix is to email payment confirmation to the customer. If a customer gets an email confirming the order, they are not worried about the outcome. They know they are paying for an order that has been placed successfully. Also, keep the payment process simple and easy to execute without including too many stages.

6.  The trouble with Hidden costs

The trouble with Hidden costs

This is another common issue customers face even with leading e-commerce development companies. Online marketplaces do not tell customers the hidden costs on so many things. For instance, the customer is lured into buying something that says is cost at a certain price. Within minutes, they are paying a lot more to get the product delivered, tax charges, additional shipping, etc. This eventually leads the customer to pay a lot more than he or she had expected.

Solution: A simple solution is to keep the charges so apparent that the customers do not feel cheated and buy the products of their interest for sure.

7. Unclear Website Policies

Many shopping websites do not even have clear and concise website policies for return and refund. Consumers get confused due to vague stipulations about a refund and return. When the policies section is not defined properly, sellers reject a consumer’s claim to return or get a refund. This is among the biggest challenges that many customers face online. A lot of these websites have no clear outline on the warranty and guarantee of products. A buyer can take this to consumer court in case the demands are not met with.

Possible Solution: Localization is the key as the online businesses go global. The website policies and other information should be available in different languages for people to understand them better and clearly.

8. Problem of Plenty

The online world provides too many options and it can be overwhelming for the customer to make a choice. The absence of support that most customers are used to in the in-store experience is missing and this can chicken out them of a purchase decision.

Possible Solution: Give proper product specs in the same format for all products so it is easy to compare them. Instead of overloading the customer with information, give minimal but useful information. A shopping comparison tool can help buyers simplify their purchases decisions. Also, a live chat option to offer queries always is comforting for buyers to make that final click.
In addition, opt for expert magento web development services that help you track and understand buyer behavior so that the website can intuitively showcase the customers a customized view of products, based on their preferences.

9. Complicated Navigation

Does your website resemble a maze of where the visitor feels lost? It’s tempting to opt for complex looking website structures and designs and they may also hook in many curious customers; but this may not be a great idea to build long-term customer base. Most visitors get frustrated with these complex monstrous website and bounce off.

Possible Solution: Keep the website structure simple and provide easy navigation tools to the customers. Magento ecommerce developers often use heat-map tools to analyze where the customers spend maximum time and where do they bounce off. This analysis can help them remove the clutter and help the visitors go to the information/page they want smoothly.
Do away with long forms. Also, reduce the number of clicks required to complete a purchase.

10. Boring Interfaces

While overwhelming site structures can be a bummer, websites with insipid interfaces don’t get much done either. It’s hard to get attention of the customers, so make sure you get it right at the first go.

Shoppers are an impatient lot. Get their attention with attractive website designs that allure visitors and give them an enjoyable experience both on desktops and other handheld devices like mobiles, tabs etc

Possible Solution: Make sure your web pages don’t take too long to load. Give interactive product guides to keep visitors entertained and engaged at the same time.


Websites designed using the right tools with the help of an experienced magento 2 migration service provider can overcome most of these challenges while you upgrade your web shop to the latest version. With the help of the mentioned solutions, you can get your website optimized and help visitors overcome these online shopping challenges to boost your ecommerce sales. As per kissmetrics data, 81% of customers say that they will buy from a platform again if they were satisfied with the experience. Hence, going that extra mile for your customers and addressing their pain points will surely pay off in future. Remember, putting products on the display is not enough, conversions happen when everything goes well till end.


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